VBA Tutorial for Beginners

Hi there and welcome to my VBA Tutorial for Beginners!

In this series I will teach you everything you need to now regarding VBA* and how can you use it to put your work on auto-pilot!

Sounds too good to be true? Give me a chance by going through the posts below and watch your productivity grow together with your VBA knowledge!

VBA Tutorial P0 – What is VBA good for?

VBA Tutorial P1 – How to create a simple VBA macro?

VBA Tutorial P2 – What is Selenium and how can you use it?

VBA Tutorial P3 – Interacting with a webpage with Selenium

VBA Tutorial P4 – How to launch an app with VBA?

VBA Tutorial P5 – How to connect a macro with a button?

VBA Tutorial P6 – What is a UserForm and how can you create one?

VBA Tutorial P7 – How to connect macros with UserForm elements?

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*Please note that this tutorial is intended for Windows users only! If you are using any other OS, please try to adapt this tutorial or let me know the OS you’re using and I will create a version for you.

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