VBA Tutorial P0 – What is VBA good for?

Congratulations for your decision of improving yourself! Now let’s get to it!

If you ever worked with Microsoft Office, I’m sure you’ve heard about VBA. If not, don’t worry!

I don’t think it is necessarily to go too much into the details regarding what VBA is. In short, VBA is the Microsoft’s programming language mainly developed to help you, the user, automate your work. Simple as that.

Okay, awesome! But what is it good for? What can I do with it?

Well, you can do a lot with VBA! Almost everything you can thing of. You can:

  • Compile data from multiple sources;
  • Collect data from the internet;
  • Transform and process data;
  • Send emails in bulk;
  • Upload and download images and data in (almost) any website;
  • Create simple apps (e.g. reminder apps, backup apps and so on);
  • Program keyboard and mouse behavior;
  • Modify images;
  • Create simple games;
  • Schedule launching of other programs;
  • And other things that don’t come to my mind right now.

Hopefully this sounds interesting enough to continue going through this series.

In the next post you will learn how to create a simple VBA macro in Excel.

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