My Mission

My mission is to enable everybody enjoy the work they do every single day. To do this, we need to understand what makes people hate their work. One of the reasons is the actually work itself because it can become boring, repetitive and even stupid sometimes for a human being to do it.

And this is where software (and therefore, The eyeT Guy), comes into place. Any boring work can be automated, enabling you to work on things you actually like. Do you have to collect 100 email addresses by Google searching stuff every single day? Let a scraper do that for you! Do you have to compile 10 Excel sheets into one? Why don’t you use a macro for that?

If the answer is “I don’t know how!!”, then you came to the right place! Besides providing you the actual scripts with which you can automate the boring stuff, I will also teach you how to do that yourself!

It’s simple! You just need to want to do it! And let me help you along the way!

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